Each program can be participated in Separately according to the dates below. Register for all 4 Sessions by October 1st  for $1074; Saving an additional $200 off the Early Registration Price!!

Rising brings opportunity to end the destructive patterns gifted to us through the generations so we may birth a new way of living on this earth as mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and grandmothers. As SHE WAKES, we make way for the embracing of our lives, our bodies and each other. May You Wake, Gather and Rise Beautiful Sisters! My Clients are women who are ready to embark on a journey of self care and step into their highest selves. My intention is to guide you toward a balanced life, radianthealth and connection with your divine self. 

  I invite you to step into your limitless strength and answer the call to rise!

Mind      Body      Soul

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For those who are feeling the nudge to rise, the distant remembering that you were here for a purpose that has yet to be born. I am here to guide you towards your highest self and open the channels of communication so you may feel the rise of your inner power.

​​​​Intuitive Wellness Coaching

As she Wakes, you Rise

Are you Feeling the Call to Rise?

​​​With Stacey Huard,BsN (Nursing), RHN, RYT

Mat to Life Intuitive Wellness Series

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This Program is specifically designed to guide you through an awakening journey of your highest divine light. As SHE WAKES, we make way for the embracing of our lives, our bodies and each other. 

Each Program includes a one on one, in person or virtual session in which we establish your individual intentions while opening the channel of communication of your divine light to guide you through the weeks that follow. Each group discovery Intensive will be held in the studio and/or virtually for those joining out of the area or who are unable to attend the specific date and time selected.  All gifts will be delivered or provided at the one on one session. Please email Stacey@warmanyoga.com if you require more information.