"Amazing place and Amazing Staff!
I have been to a variety of different yoga classes with different instructors and always leave feeling like they met my intentions. I feel comfortable even thou I am a true beginner at yoga. I most recently have attended some of Elisa’s classes and she makes you feel successful and sends positive energy to all around her. Warman is very lucky to have a great space and amAzing instructors
" (Bree).

"My husband and I became Santosha members over a year ago and we can honestly say that belonging to the Santosha family and participating in the yoga classes has had a huge impact on our lives. We feel that it has enhanced our physical fitness as well as our emotional  wellbeing. We especially like that we feel nourished, not only by the physical benefits yoga provides, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual teachings that the yogis share in the classes. We even sleep better now, as we have learned more about meditation and relaxation. We feel truely blessed to belong to this wonderful, life enhancing, yoga community "(Louise and Dave).

Yoga is one of the only approaches to health that assists in keeping your body healthy, strong, and flexible while simultaneously providing mental clarity and emotional well-being.

At Santosha Yoga and Wellness Therapies, we combine ancient tradition with innovation. All you need to do in order to experience the profound healing capabilities of the practice is to show up, breathe and challenge yourself with compassion. 

“Santosha Yoga and Wellness Therapies has a variety of instructors who are friendly and encouraging. The studio is large and complimentary tea is provided at every session.  There are quite a few styles of yoga offered, making it easy to select a class that suits your individual skill level. I’m new to yoga but I already know the space is going to be part of my life. Thank you for all that you do” (Beverly).

"I had only ever done 1 yoga session in my life before this.  I instantly felt welcome, accepted and felt I belonged.  The teachers all took the time to help me with my poses and breathing and allowed me and all students to learn to accept what comes to them in any given class and in life.   All teachers provide many options to all patrons of the classes and very much want each participant to be comfortable working at their own levels of comfort in the poses and in meditation and mindfulness. The atmosphere of the studio and staff is so peaceful, warm and welcoming to everyone one who enters. There always hot herbal teas and essential oil for all of the patrons that attend.  The studio is very active in providing a wide array of classes for many different ages, levels and styles of yoga.  This provides us the client's with a lot of options and a lot of variations mixed with excellent class times to practice and learn.  I have not been to a yoga class yet where I haven't learned some new.  
Each and every single time I have attended no matter where I was in my thoughts, at the time, I have always floated out of Santosha filled with Gratitude, Peace, Love and Harmony and completely relaxed". (Mike) 

"Santosha has (almost) become my second home since I joined the studio in June of 2017.  On that day I received amazing service and was drawn into the inviting atmosphere.  I have consistently received a warm welcome while sipping a warm cup of tea prior to each class.  
Yoga can be quite intimidating to those of us that have not experienced it, but the classes are adapted to each participants’ level which transforms into a comfortable experience for all.  The variety of yoga classes, the healing therapies and the amazing instructors have helped me immensely in my health journey.  We are very fortunate to have a place like Santosha in our City of Warman.  Thank you for opening your doors to all ages, sizes and abilities to create a beautiful environment to grow as individuals and as a community" (Lisa H).

​We offer a variety of classes and provide variations to suit all levels. Come visit a few classes and explore what is right for you!