Access Bars


Wellness Offerings 

Reiki as an energy practice was established by M. Usui in the early 1920’s. It balances the energy system in the body by clearing blockages which interfere with the body’s natural ability to heal. Healing may occur in one or several planes: physical, emotional, even spiritual. Although gentle, this healing can be profound. A client typically experiences a deep sense of relaxation and stress relief when Reiki is provided by a trained practitioner. Receive the Benefits of this ancient healing practice with the option of adding healing plant medicine with essential oils for the ultimate journey for release and restoration.

At Santosha we understand the weaving of the mind, body and spirit that is required to find balance and open the doors to radiant health and wellbeing. Our intention is to offer services that honour your unique journey from nutrition and eating psychology coaching to massage, healing and spiritual guidance.



Sheena and Robert

Thai Yoga Massage



Thai Massage as we practice incorporates muscle manipulation techniques(massage) with assisted stretches (where the practitioner moves your body into a stretch). Intuition is a guiding force in the massage sessions
and is a thorough understanding of the human body. We allow our massage to come from a place of Metta (loving kindness), to achieve therapeutic results in multiple different areas (physical pain relief and tension to deeper emotional stress.

An ancient herbal oil massage treatment designed exclusively for Women’s Health, Confidence and Beauty.  Sheena's Ayurvedic approach to body-work is efficient and effective in providing nourishment, rejuvenation and relaxation for the entire body, mind and soul. This full-body massage naturally fosters self-love, self-awareness, self-compassion and body appreciation. When treatments are carried out regularly it is considered to delay the ageing process, prevent illness, promote vitality and balanced mind. It helps alleviate stress and improves immune function as it stimulates all body systems and internal organs, promoting detox and encouraging the body’s natural ability to release toxins easily. The procedure involves massaging the marma points, which in Ayurveda are the body’s vital energy points. Many of these marmas are located over the joints and lymph nodes, and include the 7 chakras. 


Meet Our Providers

Ayurvedic Massage, Rejuvenation Therapy for Women 

Body & Sound Massage
Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage with Sheena (RMT) combined with Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing by Robert (Shamanic Healer) provides calm space and sanctuary for deep rest, retreat from the everyday, and compete renewal. A beautiful 90 minutes of effortless release, balancing, cleansing and clearing of the physical, mental / emotional, and spiritual bodies - as well as the auric field / extended energy body leaves one feeling light, integrated and centred within the Self. 
Enjoy tranquility and peace permeating every cell during this Full Body Massage and Sound Bath that reduces inflammation, pain and stress, promotes balance, relaxation and rejuvenation, initiates self healing abilities, relieves depression, anxiety, headache and insomnia, lowers blood pressure, left / right brain balancing, releases energetic blockages, stimulates cellular detox, aligns chakras, cleanses aura, increases immunity. 

Intuitive Wellness  Coaching 


We offer coaching in Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology for overall Holistic Wellness. Coaching sessions may also include intuitive guidance regarding living a more centred life and awaking the inner healer within each of us.  All  coaching sessions are available on a one on one bases in person or via distance for a customized approach to a radiant life. 

Body & Sound Massage

Provided by a Registered Massage Therapist for relaxation or therapeutic massage. Specialities include Intra-oral jaw (TMJ) massage, Jade Stone Massage and Cupping.

Access Bars is part of Access Consciousness which first began in 1990, “The Bars” remains the foundation of Access Consciousness. Having your Bars run is a wonderful way or letting go of whatever no longer serves you. In a session, I will lightly touch 32 points on your head which dissipate the electromagnetic charge that gets locked in our brains by the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we have stored over lifetimes. 
A bars session typically lasts between 60-90 minutes long. All you have to do is show up, set your intent for your session, and then just lay back, relax and be open to releasing everything that no longer serves you.

Hypnotherapy is teamwork! You will help me to help you. Just as every individual is unique so too are the challenges that a person may choose to work on. Many clients come for healing of the body, mind or spirit. Others come for personal growth.  While some people may only require a single session others may require a few sessions to achieve lasting results. 
In your first private therapy session we will typically:

  • Discuss the presenting symptoms or issue that brought you here as well as your goals;
  • Chat about any questions you may have about the process;
  • Establish an individual therapy plan customized specifically for you;
  • Determine the number of sessions your therapy plan may require; and
  • Introduce you to hypnosis (time allowing).

Your first session will typically last 45 minutes. If we are ready to proceed with hypnosis the session may continue lasting up to 2 hours.
In subsequent sessions we will follow your individual therapy plan. In doing so, I may use a variety of proven hypnotherapeutic tools which may include:

  • Regression therapy to help determine the cause of presenting symptoms or mental blocks
  • Stories, imagery, metaphors, reframing or direct suggestions
  • Reinforcement of learning for lasting results
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy to help desensitize painful memories;

         Self- hypnosis as a self- care tool to strengthen change; or
        other tools to use which may include printed materials.

Subsequent sessions typically last 1 hour in duration.