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Intra-oral jaw (TMJ) massage
The jaw can become misaligned or stressed, causing widespread pain in the face and mouth, making it difficult to perform every day necessities such as chewing, eating, and even talking. When massaging the jaw, muscular imbalances are addressed extra-orally by working with the tissues of the head, neck and shoulders. Intra-oral massage is done by wearing nitrile gloves and massaging the muscles inside the mouth to release the restrictions that cause pain inside the jaw joint.

​​​AromaTouch with Reiki

60 mins $79

Receive the Benefits of an ancient energy healing, activating your own natural healing process to restore your physical and mental well-being with the addition of essential oils for the ultimate journey for release and restoration.

​Intuitive Session

​60 mins $79

In this comprehensive session, Stacey utilizes her intuitive healing skills to read and balance your 7 major energy centers, opening the door for healing and transformation. During these sessions messages from your guides and loved ones may also be brought forth if it pertains to your healing journey.  As our souls are continually trying to communicate and lead us on our path, Stacey will also assist you in opening the doors of communication with your highest self (soul). 

Danae Nguyen

Wellness Therapies  

Akashic Records Facilitation

Jade Stone Therapy
Jade Stone Massage uses heated and cooled stones that are placed on the body or used for massage. The stones are cut and polished to various shapes and sizes. This form of hydrotherapy promotes relaxation, increases circulation and aids in the removal of toxins from the muscles. Jade is known to have healing properties which relaxed the nervous system.

Stacey Huard

Jenna Harris

$80/hour $1.75/minute afterwards

 Accessing your Akashic Records opens you up to the wisdom of yourself, empowering you with the knowledge of who you truly are.  Guided by your questions, you can inquire about anything pertaining to you, from the wisdom that has been forgotten within your ancestry to what is best for you know about your current situation in life.  The possibilities are endless!  The Akashic Records can tap into different time lines and allow you to glimpse at what has happened in order to make the most of where you are now in life.  It’s a powerful and transformative practice that affects you from the inside out, enabling you to see life at a different angle. 

Reiki with Music
$80 for one hour

 Enjoy the ancient healing art of Reiki.  Reiki translated is Universal Life Force Energyand has the ability to heal your body, mind and spirit in a loving a gentle way; you simply receive healing exactly where you need it most.  Healing music will accompany the Reiki, with Danae potentially singing along with the melodies. Intuitive guidance sometimes assists the Reiki process and can be discussed during or after the session.

Life Balance Sessions
$80 for one hour

 These sessions are extremely powerful.  Through accessing the wisdom in each of your energy centers or cakra’s, we see what’s hindering you from accessing your fullest expression.  You will then learn how to let go of this hindrance in a healthy, caring way so that you have the opportunity to live your life to its full potential.  Afterwards, you have the opportunity to fully relax as Danae balances your energy centers in a gentle and caring way.  These sessions are such an amazing way to take care of yourself and to take steps towards your own wellbeing.

Additional information regarding sessions is available on  If you have any questions or ponderings, Danae would love to hear from you at Danae@rediscoveryourself.caMay you be blessed and well.

​Cupping Session

​45min $40

 Myofascial cupping is a therapy in which cups are suctioned onto the skin’s surface through negative pressure. The suction drains excess fluid and toxins from the tissues, which stimulates the peripheral nervous system and increases blood flow to stagnant areas of muscles and skin. Ancient Chinese Medicine believes cupping opens meridian pathways to allow Qi to flow through. When Qi can flow freely, the body is in optimal physical, emotional and mental well-being.   Myofascial Cupping is most commonly used on the back because this is the location of the 5 main meridians that connect with several organs.  The back is also the most common area for pain. Myofascial Cupping works well for relieving pain and discomfort in the shoulders, neck and hips.


​​​Massage Therapy ​

     30 min $42         45 min $58      

60 min $70         90 min $105

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