Gentle Flow​

​Suitable for all levels. This class is a slower paced dynamic practice, introducing the traditional Vinyasa yoga style. With a safe environment, we offer modifications and accessibility for all levels of practice, using blocks, straps, and bolsters when needed. Cultivating movement with breath we will build strength and vitality.​​

Class Descriptions 

​​​Yoga Nidra
Offers Profound profound that 39 mins of Yoga-Nidra is equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep! In this safe and nurturing environment, the practice will encourage you to let go of old patterns with ease.  During this class you will remain lying on your back with props to ensure warmth and comfort is attained. 

Class Schedule

​Aerial Yoga

​​Tired of the same old routine and looking to mix it up? This 1 hour  Aerial Yoga class will provide you with a balance of calm and adventure as you experience the use of an aerial arts quality fabric to assist in traditional Yoga Poses. The benefits of using this prop include but are not limited to elongation of the spine, abdominal strengthening without low back strain and new depth in releasing poses and inversions. Suitable for all levels including beginners to the practice. Here is your opportunity to nourish and strengthen your body, mind and heart while trying something new. 

​​​Yin Yoga
Suitable for all levels. Yin Yoga is a passive practice that focuses on stimulating the body’s connective tissues such as ligaments, bones and joints. Allowing for chronic pain relief, flexibility and a great balance with a yang practice.  Poses are held for 1-10 minutes, giving you the opportunity let go of any resistance you are holding on to and allowing the pose to unfold naturally.  


​​​Open to everyone, from beginner to experienced. This 45 min class will prepare you for sitting in stillness with breath work and mantra. You will be lead through a guided meditation to bring a sense of calm and union to your mind and body, allowing you to sit in silence and stillness for the remainder of time. The benefits of meditation are numerous and include the ability to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, bring clarity and focus to the mind, enhance sleep during the night and alertness during the day. 

​​​Core Flow
Suitable for all levels. Build Core strength, balance and flexibility in a rhythmic flow, mindfully connecting the body movement and breath. We will target our core including, obliques, abdominal, and lower back muscles, improving posture, stability and overall strength. 


​In this class you will experience a rhythmic flow from one pose to the next, mindfully connecting the body movement and breath. With a traditional Vinyasa yoga style approach we will use strength, energy, and flexibility to move through the poses.​​