Our Mission is to honour and empower through the practice of yoga and the provision of wellness therapies regardless of experience, income level or gender.

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"I had only ever done 1 yoga session in my life before this.  I instantly felt welcome, accepted and felt I belonged.  The teachers all took the time to help me with my poses and breathing and allowed me and all students to learn to accept what comes to them in any given class and in life.   All teachers provide many options to all patrons of the classes and very much want each participant to be comfortable working at their own levels of comfort in the poses and in meditation and mindfulness. The atmosphere of the studio and staff is so peaceful, warm and welcoming to everyone one who enters. There always hot herbal teas and essential oil for all of the patrons that attend.  The studio is very active in providing a wide array of classes for many different ages, levels and styles of yoga.  This provides us the client's with a lot of options and a lot of variations mixed with excellent class times to practice and learn.  I have not been to a yoga class yet where I haven't learned some new.  
Each and every single time I have attended no matter where I was in my thoughts, at the time, I have always floated out of Santosha filled with Gratitude, Peace, Love and Harmony and completely relaxed". (Mike) 



​​Zoe Harby







Together we offer you this space as a container for creating community, personal healing and self-discovery. Our inspiration is the celebration of all that you already are. By joining breath, compassionate body movement and tools for deep release, we invite you to awaken the inner teacher that is silently guiding you towards radiant health. In everything that appears ordinary, lives the extraordinary. Get started today with one of our offerings and discover how you can live an inspired and empowered life.

We are honoured to join you on this journey. We are grateful for this life of service. 

​With So much love, 

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