I have a secret....it's not really about food.

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OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD AND BODY IMAGE REFLECTS OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH LIFE. Is there a divine message hidden within your current struggle? 

We are not all the same, we are uniquely gorgeous, uniquely radiant. You have the choice to stand in your light and live for this moment, this breath. Waiting until you are thinner, smarter, more perfect delays the joy. Spread your wings and take a leap into surrender. You are a goddess in your own right. You are divinely loved, my friend. Are you brave enough to look inside and see for yourself?

The joining of breath, compassionate body movement, conscious food choices, and tools for deep release and self discovery create the space for your inner teacher to be heard. A silent whisper from within calling you towards radiant health. I would be honoured to join you on your path.